Full mass properties measurement
Easy and accurate

Six axes load cell

High load and frequency
Tailored customization with a smart cost

Motorbike Smart Wheel

Road-tire forces in telemetry
Light, sophisticated and low cost

SMARTMechanical is a spinoff company born in May 2012 from the university Politecnico di Milano. Its mission is to conceive smart ideas and turn them into business initiatives.
Having the founding members wide experience in automotive, railway, aerospace and artificial vision, these sectors are the natural "incubator" for new findings, but the applications of our products span over different fields, from building to renewable energies.
Our strength is to examine common problems with an unconventional approach; the result is to add value to conventional design, to ease design refinement and to speed up development testing.
The availability of skills and tools is such to satisfy a wide range of requests coming from industrial customers.


Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2013
4-5-6 June 2013 | Stuttgart, Germany
Stand 1996 - Hall 1