Six axes load cell

Force and moment measurement




low cost

  • Excellent reliability
  • High loads and frequencies
  • Good accuracy - Each cell is individually calibrated
  • Possibility of extended customization
  • Low cost

The technical specifications of the load cell, reported below, were derived in order to perform experimental tests on a vehicle suspension system and a first natural frequency above 500Hz.
Actually, the overall system architecture proved to be very flexible, allowing the possibility for an extensive customization in terms of limit loads, external dimensions and passing frequencies; please, contact us with your specific cell requirements for a custom-size instrument.

In experimental testing activities the use of multi axis load cells is widespread, e. g. balances for wind tunnels, structures, etc... Many commercially available load cells are able to measure the steady or dynamic forces and moments acting on a structure, but are generally quite expensive and their usage is restricted to advanced research and development activities. The high cost is often due to the relatively complex hardware, to time consuming calibration, and to special materials used for the manufacturing.

Our new load cell is, on the contrary, a relatively simple device able to measure the three components of a force and the three components of a moment acting on the load cell itself. The sensing structural element is basically a three spokes structure, constrained to the frame of the load cell by means of special joints conceived to avoid friction. The signal of 12 strain gauges, conveniently located on highly stressed areas, is processed by the electronics accommodated inside the cell, providing to the operator directly forces and moments.


SM_LC-10 SM_LC-05
Fx Fz
5000 N 2500 N
Fy 10000 N 5000 N
Mx Mz 500 Nm 250 Nm
My 250 Nm 125 Nm


Kx Kz 28*106 N/m
Ky 80*106 N/m


< 0.3% FS ( ±2σ samples)


< 0.5% FS


< 0.2% FS


F < 0.5 N
M < 0.05 Nm