The founding members have brought into the company extensive competencies accrued in long lasting experiences in the automotive, railway, aerospace and artificial vision sectors. Also thanks to their experience, the newly born company is able to cover several engineering disciplines, both for the development of its own products and for consultancy activities to customers.


  • Static and dynamic FE analysis
  • Kinematic and multibody analysis
  • Mathematical modelisation
  • System and detail design

Electrical and electronics

  • Analog, digital and power boards design

Elaboration and control software

  • Real time signals handling and elaboration
  • Real time image processing

Manufacturing and assembly

  • Manufacturing of parts
  • Assembly and testing of systems involving:
    • Mechanisms
    • Mecatronics
    • Manipulation and positioning
    • Optics

Moreover, as per the certificate of incorporation, our company formally benefits of a privileged relationship with the Politecnico di Milano. This means friendly technical collaboration with the researchers and direct access to the extraordinary choice of laboratories and facilities of Politecnico.

Then, both if you need to test your products or if you relay on us for the development of a system, you are not hiring our own capabilities only, you are also taking profit of an easy and trouble free entry point to the whole bunch of capabilities offered by Politecnico, ranging from aerodynamics to mechanics, from optics to chemistry.